<h1>Discover Antwerp hotspots like an easy rider</h1>

Welcome to Antwerp. And welcome to Vintage Riders.

You ended up here with a clear goal: discover authentic spots, and doing so in style.
With our vintage bikes, the trip counts just as much as the destination. You’ll be travelling while cruising. Discovering places while looking at the road with a fresh eye. And people will see you. As an easy rider on a 50cc bike.

You’ll go to places not to many tourist go. We’d say off the beaten track if Lonely Planet hadn’t commercialised that say. No, with Vintage Riders you’ll get to see parts of Antwerp and its outskirts through the eyes of Antwerp citizens. Spots they go if they go out for a drink, a picnic or to have a break.

So book now, and enjoy another side of the Antwerp in an completely unique way. Enjoy!

Happy hall of fame

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DIRK: Really cool! We’ve been cruising for 2 days in a row.

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About Vintage Riders
Tom and Bert live in Antwerp. And they love it. They also love vintage stuff. Just because it has a feel. Combining bikes and hotspots .....
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