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Hidden village of Lillo

Whenever I want to get away of it all, I head for Lillo. A tiny village (and even the word village is exaggerated if you count the amount of houses of this hidden gem) tucked aways between cranes and containers in the middle of the Antwerp harbour.

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Picknick with a view

Bert Evens’ favourite spot is right at the turn of the Schelde. The big river crossing Antwerp. It’s a place where…ldkfjqs lk ssmlqd fkjqsdhglkmsjgklsdfjglkmjqsf glnsdkjghsdlkgjsdmlfmsdfklmksdflkqsdjf

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About Vintage Riders
Tom and Bert live in Antwerp. And they love it. They also love vintage stuff. Just because it has a feel. Combining bikes and hotspots .....
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