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As you’ve seen we rent bikes. But we like to call them our babies. Or beloved ones. Or fun cruisers. Whatever… All of them are 40 to 50 years old. That might be older than you.
Compare them with your dad, or grandmom: still going out for a drink or jeux de boules, but at another pace. They’re open to whatever journey you’ve planned (well, almost every…), as long as you treat them with love and respect.
Picture yourself traveling the city and its outskirts, acting cool, enjoying the view and discovering new places. All of our bikes will show you around with a particular feel, because they all have their own special character.
Meet the family here, and pick your love.

About Vintage Riders
Tom and Bert live in Antwerp. And they love it. They also love vintage stuff. Just because it has a feel. Combining bikes and hotspots .....
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