Here’s a list of question and answers. Do’s and don’ts. Tips and tricks.

The Law

Q: Do I need a Driver’s License (EU countries)?
A: Yes you do. You’ll be driving a 50cc bike ( meaning a driving licence category AM (A1, A2, A, B,… or above). For Vintage Riders, there’s a minimum age of 18.

Q: Do I need a Driver’s License if I’m not a EU citizen (non EU countries)?
A: Yes you do. Belgium recognizes the permits of most foreign countries. If you are allowed to drive a motorcycle or a car in your own country (and you hold a licence), you will be allowed to drive one here in Belgium. Here you can check out the list of countries that are recognized (permit-wise) by Belgium
In short, if you‘re holding a permit to drive a car, you’re ok to drive our bikes as well. As long as you’re over 18.

Q: What is the minimum age to drive a bike at VINTAGE RIDERS?
A: Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old, holding a driver’s license.
Belgian law allows you driving 50 cc bikes from 16 on. But at VINTAGE RIDERS we’ve raised to bar a tiny bit to more mature drivers.

Q: Do I get a contract?
A: Yes, we need to be legally in order. So you will get a clear contract. And don’t worry, we will try to avoid small print.

Q: What happens if I get fined?
A: Fines are for your own account. If VINTAGE RIDERS receives a fine caused by you, you’ll be held responsible to pay.


Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?
A: Yes, you do. Not only for your safety, this is also mandatory by Belgian law for any bike over 25 cc. VINTAGE RIDERS has different sizes available for different types of heads. They are included in the price. The Helmets are all approved.

Q: Do I need to wear adapted clothes?
A: No, you can wear whatever you want as long as you don’t drive naked. However, it’s is recommended to be extra carefull with short sleeves or trousers. And not to drive with slippers. Skin is a fragile thing. Also shades might come in handy if the sun is out. And they’re cool for a Vintage Rider.

Q: Are the streets of Antwerp ok to ride?
A: In Antwerp you’ll find streets with cobbled stones and tram rails. Be careful on those. They tend to be bumpy and slippery, especially with wet weather. But not all streets are like that at all. You’ll be just fine on different kinds of concrete. Try to be smart and defensive in your driving.

Q: Can i drive on the bicycle lane?
A: No, you can’t. This is prohibited for all over 50cc bikes. If you see bikes doing so, it’ll be 25cc’s. Normally, this is indicated by ‘Bromfietsen B verboden’. With our vintage bikes, you might want to stick to the right side of the car lane. At the right side of the street.

Q: Can I drive with rainy weather?
A: Yes, but just be careful, it might slippery. Especially on tram rails and cobble stones.

Q: Can I take a passenger?
A: No, our engines are to old and fragile for 2 people. Besides that the rear won’t hold an extra adult. Your cool bike might be the perfect pick up line for dates. But never take her or him for a ride; there’s plenty of bars around for that. Besides, it’s is not allowed by law.

Q: How traffic in and around Antwerp?
A: Probably not much different from any other (big) city. There’s cars, bikes, bycycles and pedestrians. Remember public transport always gets priority. Then pedetrians, bicylcles, and other types of traffic. Just yield when in doubt.


Q: Am I insured and covered for accidents?
A: VINTAGE RIDERS foresees a standard rental insurance. This is mandatory by Belgian Law. This insurance is included in the rental price of your moped.
The insurance covers the damage and injuries afflicted by you to 3rd parties (with a 300 EUR excess).
Eg: If you occur an accident, you will have to pay 300 EUR yourself; our insurance will pay the rest. You will also have to pay the damage done to our beloved Vintage Riders bike, with a maximum of 850 EUR).
You can lower that potential cost, by taking an extra insurance for 25 EUR which will reduce the excess to 100 EUR, and also cover the damage to your Vintage Riders bike.

Personal injuries will be covered by your own private insurance, if the accident was occurred by you.

The ride

Q: How does a vintage bike ride?
A: Well, it has a particular feel. It won’t be like a full electric japanese scooter. No, our bikes have a nostalgic touch, and that’s the charm of it. They are well maintained, but need pedal or kickstarting by foot. They are suspended, but you can’t take a passenger. There’s a sympathetic roughness to them that’ll make each ride extraordinary. And don’t forget, they don’t have gps.
But don’t worry, we’ll give you a crash course before you set out.


Q: How long can I ride with a full tank of petrol?
A: Depending on the bike, that will be xx to xx km. More than enough for city discovery.
If you’re in need of extra petrol, you can check our map here. Bear in mind only to use 2 stroke. So no filling up at the pump cars use! 2 stroke is always served at a smaller specific pump. Ask the shop manager to be sure.

Q: What happens if I accidently use the wrong type of petrol?
A: You will unfortunately be charged for that, even if it was a mistake. VINTAGE RIDERS has to clean of even repair the engine in case of wrong petrol. So beware to fill up correctly. If in doubt, ask the shop manager, of or give us a quick call (number will be provided after reservation).

Q: How do I return the bike?
A: In the condition he was handed over, meaning good. Always with a full tank. If not full, VINTAGE RIDERS will charge you xx euro/liter.

In case of breakdown

Q: What happens if my bike breaks down?
A: If it’s a mechanical problem: we’ll replace or refund your bike + we repay your public transport ticket to get back to us (keep it as a proof!): vervang bike + ticket openbaar vervoer of refund, hoe jij het wil
If you just have a flat tire, we’ll also replace or refund. But to enjoy more of your time in Antwerp, just try to avoid broken glass 😉

Q: Are the mopeds in good condition?
A: Yes they are. The might be old, they old get regular maintenance, care and love.
Breaking down is always a possible, but should be avoidable by our regular maintenance, love and care. If anything would happen on during your trip, we’ll compensate correctly. See underneath.

Q: What happens if I get into an accident?
A: First you call us; together we’ll take measure for the next steps. You will have a necessary documents given at the pick up. So basically you can take care yourself. If in doubt, you can also call the police on 112.

Q: What happens if I run out of gas?
A: There’s no petrol meter on most of our bikes. So do a regular check if your doing a big tour. Petrol stations are never far away. In case you run out, you’ll have to run yourself.

Q: What happens if by bike gets stolen?
A: You are responsible for your bike. VINTAGE RIDES provides you with a decent lock. So always lock your bike 2 together or use a pole to attach it to if possible. If your bike gets stolen, you’ll be charged 850 euro.

Q: Can I be insured against theft?
A: Yes you can, but we don’t think it’s necessary. If you use your lock in a proper way and just have smart sense, not too much can happen. If you still don’t feel comfortable, you can take an extra insurance for 400 euro.
Formule verzekering schade aan derden, supplement om franchise naar beneden te halen, en supplement op eigen schade in te dekken; eigen lichamelijke verzekering (familiale in belgie)


Q: What’s the price to rent a vintage bike?
A: Check our prices per bike here. For that price you get a bike for 1 day (9AM – 19PM) a helmet, standard insurance, and a full tank of petrol.

Q: What if I only want to rent a bike for half a day, or per hour?
A: At VINTAGE RIDERS, this is not possible. We only rent per day. But don’t worry, time flies when you’re having fun.

Q: What if I show up too late at the pick up or drop off?
A: Any delay is for your own account. Our bikes are rented per day, not per hour. So always try to be right on time… Our agenda is pretty tight, meaning we can’t just get ourselves organised during daytime. If we happen to have a more flexible agenda that day, you might be lucky. If not, you loose fun-time. For bringing in the bike too late, an extra cost of XX will be charged.

Q: Where’s the pick up and drop off?
A: Our bikes are located in the Richardstraat xx, 2060 Antwerp. About 1 km of the old center of Antwerp.

Q: What if had a wonderful time and I want spread the word as an enthusiastic ambassador?
A: First, we will thank you on our knees – all means of support are more then welcome. Secondly you’ll be immortalized in the Happy Hall of Fame.

Q: What if I recommend Vintage Riders to friends?
A: This friend will receive a discount (by a unique code send to you by mail). And you, dear supporter, you’ll be rewarded with a eternal spot in the Happy Hall of Fame on our website.

Q: Do you offer reductions?
A: Yes. If you book a bike for 2 days in a row, you’ll get a discount of xx%
And if you share 3 posts during your rent, there a 5% discount as well. We’ll get into that if you pick up the bike.

Q: What if I have to cancel my reservation?
A: Cancellation is free up to 24h before your booking date. However, we’d feel sorry for you,because you’d miss out on a great experience.

Q: How do I pay my booking?
A: For now, you can’t pay online yet – working on that.
We believe in honesty, so once you’ve booked, a biked is reserved and waiting just for you. Even if we didn’t get the money yet.
This means payments are done in cash when we meet. Bear in mind to bring your caution.

Q: Is there a caution?
A: Yes, of 300 euro. This amount equals the franchise (part you have to pay if you’re in a accident occurred by you) of the insurance. We’ll keep your caution in a sealed envelope until you return safe and sound.


Q: Something isn’t working on the website?
A: Thanks for letting us know. All advice and tips are welcome to improve our story and service.

Q: What if I have a hotspot that isn’t featured on your site yet?
A: Please, tell us! We’re very curious for new stories.

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